Phi Gamma Delta always seeks to program and attend philanthropic events throughout the semester we pride ourselves in our philanthropic activity year in and year out.  Our national fraternity supports the USO (United Service Organizations) as well as several educational foundations.  As a local chapter, we also support Brickfire Boys and GIrls Club and American Red Cross.


Every year, we host Cheese Fries Late Night and a Breakfast Late Night at the fraternity house. The money made from ticket sales goes straight to one of the philanthropies listed above. In December, we adopt a family for Christmas through Salvation Army. During the spring semester, we hold Phi Gam Space Jam. Space Jam is a basketball tournament between the fraternities and sororities.All proceeds, including sponsorship from local businesses, ticket sells, and buy ins for teams, benefits Brickfire. These are only a few examples of the ways we raise money for our respective organizations.


Another aspect of philanthropy, that often goes overlooked, is through giving. Every year we budget out a sum of money that we will donate throughout the semester. We sponsor a number of initiatives on campus ranging from sexual harassment all the way to holiday events like the Halloween Carnival. We pride ourselves in being able to give back in a large array of ways.


We set a goal of $10,000 every semester.  If you have any ideas or want to find a way to give, please donate by clicking on the Paypal link above or contact us through our cabinet page by clicking on our pictures.