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Meet our Recruitment Chair

Cameron Gagnon (right) is a sophomore Business Administration major from Memphis, TN. Cameron joined Fiji in the Fall of 2022 and has aspired to help build a class of outstanding men from the time he stepped on campus. If you have any questions about our recruitment process or want to be added to our recruitment list, reach out to Cameron, using his phone number below. 

Summer Recruitment

Get a chance to meet the chapter at summer recruitment events all other the south. With 6 events over June and July, reach out to our Recruitment Chair, Carter Hales, for details.

Fall Formal Recruitment

Mississippi State IFC's Fall Formal Recruitment is a week long process beginning on August 19th. Potential New Members will have the chance to meet all IFC chapters with chapter visits and rec days. Visit their social media for more details.

Meet our Brothers

To see testimonials from brothers on why they chose Fiji, please visit our Brotherhood tab or click the button below.

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