Pledge Education

Welcome to our chapter’s pledge education program. Within the pledging program, we have a number of goals aligned for our pledges. Foremost, we will emphasize each prospective member’s scholarship, as well as their study habits. Academics, as outlined in our fraternity values, is the most important part of any man’s college experience. Therefore, to properly prepare the young men that pledge Phi Gam, we must place great importance on their studies. Moving forward, other priorities include but are not limited to brotherhood, community service, and self-improvement. A true brother of Phi Gamma Delta is a balanced man. A man with sound friendships and healthy relationships, a man who serves his campus and community, and a man who seeks to better himself in every way. Given these criteria for brotherhood, we must also apply that standard to our pledge program. Every pledge that desires membership in Phi Gamma Delta will successfully prove himself a representative of quality brotherhood, service, and self-improvement. At the conclusion of the pledging process, each potential initiate will be evaluated upon the above requirements. As a chapter, we believe that in the process of improving brotherhood, service, and how we each view ourselves, we will continuously improve this chapter, as well as the men who define it.

If you have any question feel free to contact our Head Pledge Educator:

Drew Welborn


National Pledge Education Site